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Apéro bouffe en sept scènes d’après des motifs et des textes de Giordano Bruno, Carl von Linné, Marylin Monroe et d’autres
for: soprano, countertenor, baritone, three actors, recorders and Paetzold flutes player, horn and alphorn player, cimbalom player, six percussion players and live electronics
detailed instrumentation: Computer music designer: Carmine Emanuele Cella
duration: 1h 30'
commission: French Ministry of Culture and les Percussions de Strasbourg
first performance: 22.9.12, Théâtre National, Festival Musica 2012, Juliet Fraser (soprano), Christopher Field (countertenor), Gareth John (baritone), Antonio Politano (flutes), Luigi Gaggero (cimbalom), Olivier Darbellay (horns), Les Percussions de Strasbourg, Carmine Emanuele Cella (live electronics)
for: two singers-actors and an accordionist
duration: 15'
commission: XVIIth Musik-Biennale, Berlin
first performance: 8.12.08, Paris, Université Paris VIII, Symphosium "Pour une scène actuelle", double world premiere by Antoine Gindt (T&M) and Nicholas Till (Electric Voice Theatre by Frances Lynch)
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