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Catalogue orchestra
for: recorder, violin, strings, théorbo and harpsichord
detailed instrumentation: solo recorder (sopranino, soprano, alto), solo violin, strings (, theorbo, harpsichord
duration: 11'
commission: Kölner Philharmonie (KölnMusik) for »non bthvn projekt« 2020
for: orchestra
detailed instrumentation: and strings (
duration: 13'
commission: Fondazione Orchestra Haydn
first performance: 22.03.16, Bolzano, Auditorium, Symphonic Season 2015-16, Orchestra Haydn, Dietrich Paredes (conductor)
for: cello and symphonic orchestra
detailed instrumentation: solo cello, I.II.III.IV./ harp, strings (
duration: 19'
commission: Teatro alla Scala
first performance: 20.1.14, Milano, Teatro alla Scala, Symphonic Season 2013 - 2014, Francesco Dillon (cello), Filarmonica della Scala Orchestra, Susanna Mälkki (conductor)
for: large symphonic orchestra
detailed instrumentation: harps and strings (
duration: 18'
commission: Suntory Limited for Suntory Hall International Program for Music Composition 2008
first performance: 29.08.08, Tokyo, Suntory Hall, Suntory Music Foundation's Summer Festival 2008 "Music Today 21", Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, Yoichi Sugiyama (conductor)
for: piano and symphonic orchestra
detailed instrumentation: solo piano, I.II.III.IV./ 2 harps, cymbalom and strings (
duration: 14'
commission: OSN RAI Orchestra (RAI National Symphonic Orchestra)
first performance: 26.10.06, Torino, Auditorium RAI, Symphonic Season 2006-07, Jenny Lin (piano), OSN RAI Orchestra, Lothar Zagrosek (conductor)
for: piano and orchestra
detailed instrumentation: solo piano, I.II.III.IV./ harp and strings (
duration: 10'
commission: Fondazione Concorso Internazionale Ferruccio Busoni - Bolzano festival Bozen
first performance: 24.8.05, Bolzano, Nuovo Teatro Comunale, Bolzano Festival Bozen, Massimiliano Damerini (piano), Orchestra Haydn, Ola Rudner (conductor)
for: orchestra
detailed instrumentation: I.II.III.IV./celesta, harp and strings (
duration: 17'
commission: Radio France
first performance: 4.11.06, Milano, Sala Verdi del Conservatorio "G. Verdi", Milano-Musica 2006, OSN RAI Orchestra, Lothar Koenigs (conductor)
for: twenty-two strings
detailed instrumentation: strings (
duration: 13'
commission: Internationale Stiftung Preis E. Balzan-Fonds, Zurich
first performance: 4.7.03, Zurich, Tonhalle, Zürcher Festspiele 2003, Zürcher Kammerorchester, Howard Griffiths (conductor)
for: flute and eleven couples of musicians
detailed instrumentation: solo flute, I.II./ 2 pianos (a grand piano and an upright piano) and strings (
duration: 23'
commission: Contrechamps, Geneva
first performance: 11.12.01, Geneva, Bâtiment des Forces Motrices - Salle Théodore Turrettini, Mario Caroli (flute), Ensemble Contrechamps, Heinz Holliger (conductor)
ricreazione da Claudio Monteverdi
for: orchestra
detailed instrumentation: strings (
duration: 7'
commission: Mrs. Mariuccia Rognoni
first performance: 6.5.00, Milan, Sala Verdi del Conservatorio, Musical Season of the Pomeriggi Musicali, "I Pomeriggi Musicali" Orchestra, Andrea Pestalozza (conductor)
for: orchestra
detailed instrumentation:, harp and strings (
duration: 9'30
first performance: 1st version: May 1991, Florence, ORT's Musical Season, Orchestra Regionale Toscana, Donato Renzetti (conductor); 2nd version: 16.11.92, Vienna, Wien Modern, ORF Symphonieorchester, Bernhard Kontarsky (conductor)
for: symphonic orchestra
detailed instrumentation: I. II. III. IV. /cel., harp and strings (
duration: 7'30
first performance: 13.9.89, Parma, Teatro Farnese, OSER "A. Toscanini" Symphonic Orchestra, Hubert Soudant (conductor)
das Wechseln und das Werden
for: symphonic orchestra
detailed instrumentation: I.II.III.IV./piano, harp and strings (
duration: 15'
first performance: August 1987, Parma, Teatro Farnese, OSER "A. Toscanini" Symphonic Orchestra, Olaf Henzold (conductor)
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